Fat Mustard make films that tell stories. Want to tell yours?

FMF is based in the Pennine Hills above Huddersfield. When it comes to making films, I'm pretty open minded and I embrace creativity from any source. This website doesn't show all my work but just a small selection, which includes corporate, music, creative and travel. Head over to Vimeo or Youtube to see the others.


To discuss a project, get a quote or find out more, please contact me here.



Roger Kinder

"Fat Mustard Films. Thanks. Brilliant!"

Eadon Green, bespoke car manufacturer


"Inspiring, enthusiastic and full of ideas, Roger is a dream to work with." Boo Sutcliffe Songwriter

"Roger Captured the event and the smiles perfectly!"

Huddersfield Food and Drink Festival

"We wanted to tell a powerful, compelling story. FMF did this discretely and with passion" Leeds Teaching Hospital Trust

"Roger is true professional"

Holmfirth Events

“From the start, Roger had a creative vision of where he saw the project going. He danced around with his camera as I worked, without ever once getting in the way and it was only on seeing the first edit that I became aware of all the little incidental shots he had also sneakily captured along the way! The skill with which these were all woven together and paired with a perfectly subtle soundtrack, distilling a lengthy and complex process into a mesmerising three minutes is utterly mind-blowing. A true maestro.”

Gate Foot Forge